65W AC Charger for Lenovo Ideapad S145 S340 S530 S540 S740 S145-15AST S530-13IML S540-15IML S540-14IML S340-13IML S340-14IML S340-15IML S740-14IIL Touch Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Package includes:1 X AC charger. Output:20v 3. 25a 65w compatible with 20v 2. 25a 45w input:100-240v 50-60Hz. Warranty: 30 days money Back Guarantee/12 Months Warranty. Input: ac 100v-240v 50/60hz output: 20V 3. 25a 65w dc tip size: 4. 0*1. 7mm this charger has been tested to ensure compatibility with lenovo laptops: lenovo ideapad 100 series 100-14: 100-14iby 100-14ibd 100-15ibd 100-15iby lenovo ideapad 110 110s series 110-14ibr 110-14isk 110-15isk 110-15ibr 110-15acl touch-15acl 110-15ast 110-17ikb 110-17isk 110-17acl 110s-11ibr lenovo ideapad 120s 130 series 120s-11iap 120s-14iap 130-14ikb 130-15ikb 130-15ast lenovo ideapad 310 320 series 310-15abr 310-15ikb touch-15ikb 310-15abr 310-15isk 310-15iap 310-14ikb 310-14iap 320-14ikb 320-15abr 320-15iap 320-15ikb touch-15ikb 320-15ast 320-17ikb 320-17isk 320-17abr 320-17ast 320-14iap 320-15ikbn 320c-15ikb lenovo ideapad 330 330s series330-14ikb 330-14ast 330-15igm 330-15arr 330-15ikb 330-15ast 330-15ikb touch-15ikb 330-17ikb 330-17ast330s-14ikb 330s-14ast 330s-15ikb 330s-15arr 330s-15ast lenovo ideapad 510 510s 520 520s 530s 710s series 510-15ikb 510-15isk 510s-12isk 510s-13isk 510s-13ikb 510s-14ikb 510s-14isk 520-15ikb530s-14ikb 530s-14arr710s-13ikb 710s-13isk 710s plus touch-13ikb lenovo ideapad flex 4 5 6 series flex 4-1470 4-1435 4-1480 4-1570 4-1580 4-1130 flex 5-1470 5-1570 flex 6-11igm 6-14ikb 6-14arr 1470 1480 1570 1580 1130 1435 lenovo chromebook n22 n23 not n23 yoga n42 n22-20 touch n42-20 n42-20t lenovo yoga 710 series yoga 710 710-11isk 710-11ikb 710-14ikb 710-14isk 710-15ikb 710-15isk p/n: adl45wcc adlx45ncc3a adlx45nac3a pa-1450-55ll pa-1450-55ln gx20k11838 5a10h42919 5a10h42921 5a10h42923 5a10h43625 5a10h43630 5a10h43632 adp-45dw pa-1450-55lr 80tu 80tv 80tw 80vq 80sw 80yq 80sr 80sv 80v6 80tx 80v4 80ty 80v5 80u0 80s9 80vb 80s7 p/n: adlx65ccga2a adlx65ccgb2a adlx65ccgc2a adlx65CCGE2A ADLX65CCGG2A ADLX65CCGI2A ADLX65CCGK2A ADLX65CCGR2A ADLX65CCGU2A ADLX65CDGA2A ADLX65CDGB2A ADLX65CDGR2A ADLX65CDGU2A ADLX65CLGA2A ADLX65CLGB2A Fit for lenovo ideapad s145 s340 s530 s540 s740 s145-15ast s530-13iml s540-15iml s540-14iml s340-13iml s340-14iml s340-15imL S740-14IIL Touch Laptop.

Small, portable, Light-weight Easy to Move and Travel.

UL Listed AC Charger for Lenovo IdeaPad S130 S145 S340 S540 S530 S740 S130-11 S130-14 S145-14 S145-15 S340-13 S340-14 S340-15 Touch S540-14 S530-13 S530-14 S740-14 Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Ul listed products - the product has successfully met stringent requirements. Package includes - 1 * power adapter. Output max - 20v 3. 25a 65w compatible with 20v 2. 25a 45w input volt range - 100-240V. This charger has been tested to ensure compatibility with lenovo laptops: lenovo ideapad 100 series: 100-14: 100-14iby 100-14ibd 80mh000xus 80mh000yus 80mh0012us 80mh005hus 80mh005kus 80mh005lus 100-15: 100-15iby 100-15ibd 80qq0060us 80qq00ceus 80qq002dus 80qq00e6us 80qq00jgus 100-15: 100-15iby 80mj00aeus 80mj0017us 80mj0018us 80mj0019us 80mj001aus 80mj001bus lenovo ideapad 110 / 110s series: 110-14: 110-14ibr 110-14isk 110-14ast 110-15: 110-15isk 110-15ibr 110-15acl 110-15ast 80t7000hus 80t70012us 80t700acus 80tj00brus 110-17: 110-17ikb 110-17isk 110-17acl 110s-11: 110s-11ibr 80wg0001us lenovo ideapad 310: 310-14: 310-14ikb 310-14iap 310-15: 310-15isk 310-15ikb 310-15abr 310 touch-15ikb 310-15iap 80st0025us 80tv00bjus lenovo ideapad 120s: 120s-11: 120s-11iap 120s-14: 120s-14iap lenovo ideapad 130: 130-14: 130-14ikb 130-15: 130-15ikb 130-15ast lenovo ideapad 320: 320-14: 320-14isk 320-14ikb 320-15: 320-15ikb 320-15ast 320-15abr 320-15ikbn 320-17: 320-17ikb 320-17isk lenovo ideapad 330: 330-14: 330-14ikb 330-14ast 330-15: 330-15ikb 330-15ast 330-15ikb touch 330-17: 330-17ikb 330-17ast lenovo chromebook series: n22 n22-20 / n23 not n23 yoga / n42 n42-20 80s60015us 80sf0001us 80vh0001us 80s60001us 80s60005us 80sf0000us lenovo yoga 710 series: yoga 710-11: 710-11isk 80tx0007us; 710-11ikb yoga 710-14: 710-14ikb 80v4000gus 710-14isk yoga 710-15: 710-15isk 710-15ikb lenovo flex series:flex 4: flex 4-1470 4-1435 4-1480 4-1570 4-1580 4-1130 flex 5: flex 5 5-1470 5-1570 flex 6: flex 6 6-11igm 6-14ikb 6-14arr compatibility - 45w 65w lenovo ideapad s130 s145 s340 s540 s530 s740 s130-11igm s130-14igm s145-14iwl s145-15iwl s340-15iwl touch s340-14iwl s340-14api s340-15api s340-14iml s340-13iml s340-15iml s540-14iml s340-14iil s340-15iil s540-14iwl s540-15iml s540-14iml s530-13iml s740-14iil 81rt 81wu 81j1 81j2 81mu 81n8 81rk 81nd 81qx 81n7 81mv 81qf; p/n: adl45wcc adlx65ccgu2a adlx65cdgu2a adlx65clgu2a adp-45dw b pa-1450-55ll pa-1650-20ll ADLX65CDGB2A ADLX65CDGC2A.

Guarantee - within 30 days of purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked full money back guarantee.

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