Venturer Twin 9” DVD Backseat Theater, Play 2 separate DVD’s

Venturer PVS62911 - Use at home or on vacation with included home power adapters. With the twin 9" lcd dvd backseat theater, you can play two separate DVDs or watch one on both screens. These dvdplayers/lcd screens  mount easily to car headrests and can also be used separately in different vehicles. Attach video game Systems not included for _in Car Gaming.

Attach video game systems not included for in-car gaming. Can also be used separately in different Vehicles. Dvd players with 9 inch LCD Screens mount easily to car Headrests. Independent Remote Controls. These players feature built-in speakers, two headphone jacks and independent remote controls. Play 2 separate dVD's or watch 1 on both Screens.

Venturer Twin 9” DVD Backseat Theater, Play 2 separate DVD’s - Everything fits in the included carrying case.

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Venturer PVS19388iR 8" Dual Screen DVD Player Mobi

Venturer Electronics Inc. PVS19388iR - The 8" lcd screen allows you to rotate and tilt for easy viewing. Accessories include: - carrying bag - mounting strap - remote control - DC-AV Cable - Car Power Adaptor - AC Adaptor - AC Cord - Rechargeable Battery 8" widescreen LCD Monitor. Portable dvd player with 8" Rotatable Screen. Now you can watch your favorite movies on DVDs while on the go.

Remote Control. Also enjoy your favorite CDs. Two stereo Headphone Jacks. Dvd player also plays cd, CD-R & CD-RW.

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